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Quality Accounts: national clinical audits for inclusion

Each June, NHS England requires all health service providers to submit an annual report about the quality of their services from the previous financial year. This is known as a Quality Account. Within the Quality Account, health service providers are required to report on their participation in any of the National Clinical Audits (NCAs), Clinical Outcomes Review Programmes, and registries that feature on the NHS England Quality Accounts List. They are also expected to review the publications produced by the NCAs featured in the Quality Accounts List and report on any resultant actions that they have taken. This page provides information on the Quality Accounts and Quality Accounts resource.

HQIP Quality Accounts resource

To assist health service providers, patients and commissioners, HQIP has developed a resource of all known NCAs, Clinical Outcomes Review Programmes and registries that plan to run during the forthcoming financial year, and that ran during previous financial years. This includes the NCAPOP audits and registries and non-NCAPOP audits detailed within the Quality Accounts List, as well as those NCAs that are not detailed on the Quality Accounts List. The Quality Accounts resource is displayed in both a Google Drive and Excel format:

The resource includes useful information such as the contact details for each audit provider, the data collection schedule, geographical coverage of the audit, NHS Outcomes Framework domains, and the level of granularity that the audit will be reporting. The resource also includes information on the audits that ran during previous years, backdated to 2010/11. The resource is regularly updated to incorporate relevant changes.

Changes log

Every effort is made to ensure that the Quality Accounts resource remains accurate and up-to-date. A record of all changes is recorded in our changes log. If you believe that any information included in the Quality Accounts resource is innaccurate, please contact HQIP at


How to use the Quality Accounts resource
Health service providers should review the Quality Accounts resource and note which NCAs, Clinical Outcome Review Programmes and registries they are required to participate in and report on as part of their Quality Accounts. This can be done by filtering the column '2015/16 Quality Accounts' and reviewing which apply to their setting (primary care, secondary care etc). If you are unclear on whether you should report on a specific audit as part of your Quality Account, please contact the audit provider in the first instance.


Inclusion in the Quality Accounts resource / future Quality Accounts Lists

If you are aware of any NCA, Clinical Outcome Review Programmes, or registry that is running but not included in the Quality Accounts resource please provide details to

Each Autumn HQIP undertakes a scoping exercise which informs the following year's Quality Accounts List. The List is usually published in December. If you feel that an audit that was not included on a previous List should be included on the subsequent List, please provide details to 

Further information

For further information about the Quality Accounts and the Quality Accounts resource, please review our FAQs. If you have a query about a specific audit, please contact the audit provider on the details included in the Quality Accounts resource in the first instance.

If you have any comments about what you would find useful to further support your quality accounts work, please let us know.


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